What Is the Soul?

December 15, 2022
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What Is the Soul?

What is the Soul?

Since the beginning of mankind, the human race has searched to understand the nature of the “Soul”. Not surprisingly, I have searched countless years into the nature of my own Soul. My conclusion is that the Soul is simply light. Meaning all of our beings are based on the internal light kept within in the vessel of your physical being. Different vibrations and frequencies at which our light emanates accounts for the special individualistic nature of each person.

Based on Einstein’s Wave Particle duality theory light is a wave but it also consists of packages of energy called Photons.

But what is light? Light is one of the first phenomena of which a human being is aware. It is the first thing a newborn baby discovers. Light straddles two universes: it is both real and symbolic at the same time. It lies midway between the material and the spiritual, and forms the most basic and natural tie that binds them.

In modern science, light plays this same fundamental role: in a cosmos governed by relativity, the speed of light is the sole constant, the universal yardstick. Moreover, everything we see is only a category of light, since it is not the objects themselves that we see, but only their light. This is true also of the Almighty, the Infinite Light,: we cannot know the infinite, but only what it emanates, its light.

Light has no mass because photons and waves have no mass. So there is no weight. Efforts to weight the soul at the time of death of the physical vessel constantly disappoint to provide any measurement of weight differential.

Unknown to us, Light waves and frequencies bombard our physical body every moment of everyday – radio, telephone, satellite, radiation and electronic – and pass through our physical vessels without notice or incident. Much as will be the case when a persons physical vessel ceases and their Soul, or Light, exits the dead body.

It is also generally accepted that in addition to having no mass, light has no memory. This would make sense if you accept the theory of reincarnation. Since the transition of your soul into the next physical vessel would leave you devoid of prior memories which would have been stored in the bodies physical brain which is now obviously defunct.

However, there is research involving quantum physics that points to possible ways that light may have memory. If so this could help account for feelings of deja vu. It could also explain how certain substances may unlock that memory of light. I believe Ganja one day will be shown to do just that.

The laws of Physics implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form or body so to speak. For example, in chemical reactions, the mass of the chemical components before the reaction is equal to the mass of the components after the reaction. And if we all agree that light, and in turn the Soul, have no mass it must continue on in its wavelength or photon form after leaving the corpse.

In the book of Proverbs there are two verses that mention light that lend some support: “The mitzva is a flame and the Torah, light” (Proverbs 6:23), and “The soul of man is the lamp of God” (Ibid, 20:27). The Torah reflects the infinite light. And the study of it mandated by Moses.

I believe these references speak to the Soul being the light which emanated from the creator to our human form, and continuing on there after.

My humble thoughts

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